SPE headquarters negotiated a bulk purchase of advertising in Plastics News and PlasticsNews Online. We are pleased to be able to extend this offer to our member groups for advertising of TopCons, Events or other promotions!

Please review the information below on the ad positions, creative requirements, timing and pricing.  For more information or to reserve your space, please contact Sue Wojnicki.  Insertion dates will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Ad Positions

We have a premium top page position in the print version of Plastics News. The advertisement will appear above the Resin Pricing Chart and is a right page location. This is an extremely popular page within the publication.

The online sponsorship features several positions:

Plastic News Ad Template

SPE is the exclusive sponsor of the Industry Events page on PlasticsNews website. The sponsorship entitles SPE to receive two additional ads on the Industry Events page-a banner across the top of the webpage and a rectangle box under the calendar (mid-page) on the right column. This gives your TopCon, Event or other promotions additional exposure!

Visit PlasticsNews Industry Events to view the page. 

Additionally, your banner above will be used as a Run-of-Site banner ad, rotating randomly at the top or bottom of all PlasticsNews web pages.

All online ads will be linked to the URL of your choice and will run for 30 days. NOTE:  Throughout the 30 days of online sponsorship, your ad may share rotation with other SPE Groups. In this case, all banners will be rotated equally. Each time a visitor refreshes their page (or logs-on for the first time) a new banner will be presented.

Artwork/Creative Requirements

For branding purposes, all print advertisements running in PlasticsNews must be designed within your choice of SPE templates (see attached). 

Please contact us 30 days prior to your selected insertion date to give us time to put together your artwork.

Each ad should feature the following components:  SPE headquarters logo (part of the template), event title, date, location, contact info, and a URL for registering.

No clip art will be accepted and any graphic provided must be provided as a high resolution PDF file (Version 1.3, 300 DPI or greater), TIF or EPS.  Dimensions for the print ad are 10.25 inches wide X 3.25 inches high in four-color. 

Online advertisements will be designed with similar components: Event title, date, and location. You will need to provide a URL so PlasticsNews can link to your website or conference page. The online advertising will be designed to coordinate with your print advertisement.

Banner size is 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high.  Maximum file size is 40 KB.  (See example)
Sample add 2

The rectangle ad is 300 pixels wide X 250 pixels high. Maximum File size is 40 KB. (See example)

Mobile banner ad is 300 pixels by 50 pixels. Maximum File size is 40 KB. (See example)
300x50 example

Banners require a call to action such as “register now” for better "hit" performance.


As a non-profit organization, SPE received a discounted rate from PlasticsNews.  Sponsorship of the Resin Pricing page is normally offered exclusively to advertisers appearing in a minimum of six issues per year.

The above package of advertising (print and electronic) and our design services is priced at $3600 per insertion. The published rate card pricing for this package would be more than $7200 if purchased individually. 

SPE headquarters is the contractual party with Plastics News. This rate is available exclusively to those SPE groups placing ads through our office. All artwork must be submitted through SPE HQ.  Payment will be due within 30 days of insertion and is payable to SPE.