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99studio Inc. | Ed Y. Wu
805 Sara Lane
Naperville, IL 60565, US
Primary Contact: Ed Y. Wu
Phone: +1 630.301.0369
Web Site: http://www.99-studio.com
E-Mail: info@99-studio.com
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Engineering Properties & Structure, Tooling, Mold Making & Mold Design, Other
Brief Description: Double wall extrusion blow molded products are our forte. Award winning design firm specialized with 30-plus years of experience.
Overview: We are an award-winning design consulting firm (responsible for designing 1999 SPI/IDSA Tool Chest, 2005 SPI/IDSA Iceberg Easels and 2014 Buzz Ball table) specializes in double-wall extrusion blow mold molding, tooling, CAD, manufacturing, structure engineering, vendor sourcing, and cost optimization. We will take your concepts, evaluate, and recommend material choices and manufacturing processes. By sampling, tooling, and production, we will help you step by step from sketches to production. Our highly-regarded consulting services can help you with any design ideas that you may have, no matter how small or how large. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.
ABC Polymer Consulting | Shu-de Rong
1 Annina Cres
Markham, L3R 4S4 Canada
Primary Contact: Shu-de Rong
Phone: +1 905.604.0529
Web Site: http://www.abcpolymerconsulting.com
E-Mail: rong-shu-de@foxmail.com
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Additives, Compounding, Formulation, Product Design & Development
Brief Description: technical consulting
Overview: N/A
Czuba Enterprises, Inc. | Len Czuba
Company Name: Czuba Enterprises, Inc.
1105 E. Adams St.
Suite 1034
Lombard, IL 60148, USA
Primary Contact: Len Czuba
Phone: 630.632.3560
Web Site: http://www.czubaenterprises.com/
E-Mail: LCzuba@AOL.com
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Expert Witness Services, Flexible Packaging, Medical Plastics, Product Design & Development
Brief Description: We provide project consult in materials selection, processing & product design, and can help clients fill staffing gaps without adding headcount. If you need help with medical materials, packaging or in expert witness work, contact us.
Overview: Czuba Enterprises, Inc. is a product design and development firm, headquartered in the greater Chicagoland area. Its principal is Len Czuba who uses his experience working with partner firms to take products, especially medical devices, from concept to market. His extensive materials experience and broad network help his clients get things done quickly. His keen ability to communicate the business needs leading to quick solutions has impressed his list of clients throughout industry. He has a proven track record in completing successful projects. His credentials include issued patents, published papers and numerous technical presentations along with many products in the marketplace.

He has more than 30 years of experience in polymer synthesis, compounding and material development in the medical device industry. Prior to the formation of CEI, he was with Baxter Healthcare Corporation in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, where he was involved in device engineering, container and new product development. He was responsible for several new material replacements for PVC and holds 15 US patents for his work. He has worked on a wide variety of devices, both implantable and external accessories, used in the health care industry.

Mr. Czuba has been an SPE member since 1975, served 20 years on the board of directors of the Medical Plastics Division and has twice served as the Division Chairman. In May of 2000, Mr. Czuba was inducted to the ranks of Honored Service Member of SPE. He was the Society’s 2005 - 2006 President.

Flaney Associates LLC | Dr. Joshua Otaigbe
Company Name: Flaney Associates LLC
167 Monarch Blvd
Hattiesburg, MS 39402, USA
Primary Contact: Dr. Joshua Otaigbe
Phone: 601-307-8666
Web Site: http://www.flaneyassociates.com
E-Mail: otaigbe1@mac.com
Regions Serviced: Global, Canada, Europe, India, China, Japan, Caribbean, Northeast USA, Southeast USA, Southwest USA, Northwest USA, West Coast USA, Midwest USA
Specialties: Composites, Engineering Properties & Structure, Expert Witness Services, Materials Application & Development
Brief Description: Plastics/Polymer Science/Chemicals/Materials Engineering Consultant and Expert Witness
Overview: For details, please click on the above web site or cut and paste the web site address into your internet browser
Innoplast Solutions, Inc. | Dr. Yash P. Khanna
InnoPlast Solutions Company Name: Innoplast Solutions, Inc.
735 Aran Drive, Roswell, GA 30076, United States
Primary Contact: Dr. Yash P. Khanna
Phone: +1 973.801.6212; Mobile: +1 973.801.6212; Fax: +1 973.795.1030;
Web Site: innoplastsolutions.com
E-Mail: yash.khanna@innoplastsolutions.com
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Expert Witness Services, Failure Analysis & Prevention, Formulation and Product Promotion
Brief Description: Dr. Yash P. Khanna is a technologist with 40 years of highly diverse experience in the field of chemicals, polymers, and plastics. He is uniquely skilled in demonstrating if / why product “A” is better than “B” and inventing technology to match / reverse the trend.
Overview: We at InnoPlast Solutions are in the business of offering Consultation, Conferences, Courses, and Analytical Services in areas where we have a demonstrated recognition in terms of publications in scientific journals / books / encyclopedia, US patents, international awards, and numerous business awards. InnoPlast’ services are designed to deliver a differentiated value to its customers; the differentiation coming from the experience and judgment of the organizer. With a particular mission in mind, we would select a team of technical & business savvy experts to work with us as a team and deliver excellent results to our client. Again, identifying the right expert, is our strength. Below are the specific areas we excel: § Solving Complex Problems in Polymers / Plastics Industry via Excellence in Analytical Sciences § Patent Infringement & Litigation § Nylons / Polyamides § Plastic Packaging Films § Plastics Modification via Additives, Compounding & Coatings.
The Madison Group | Jefrey Jansen
Company Name: The Madison Group
5510 Nobel Drive
Suite 215
Madison, WI 53711, USA
Primary Contact:
Phone: +1 608.231.1907
Web Site: http://www.madisongroup.com
E-Mail: jeff@madisongroup.com
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Engineering Properties & Structure, Expert Witness Services, Failure Analysis & Prevention, Injection Molding
Brief Description: The Madison Group is a recognized global leader providing consulting services, technical expertise and innovative technology to the plastics industry.
Overview: The Madison Group has been a recognized global leader providing consulting services, technical expertise and innovative technology to the plastics industry since 1993. What we do is simple, we solve plastic problems and find economic solutions that help drive product development to yield higher quality parts. Whether the problem occurs during manufacturing or during the lifetime of a product, our knowledge and technical expertise can provide you with solutions. From consulting and technical expertise to engineering and design solutions, The Madison Group can help! Failure Analysis Material/Design Evaluation Moldflow Analysis Subrogation Engineering Expert Witness
Material Answers LLC | Chris Scott
Company Name: Material Answers LLC
Weston, MA 02493, USA
Primary Contact: Chris Scott
Phone: +1 617.378.1976
Web Site: http://materialanswers.com
E-Mail: cscott@materialanswers.com
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Engineering Properties & Structure, Expert Witness Services, Failure Analysis & Prevention, Product Design & Development
Brief Description: Consulting services in polymer science and engineering
Overview: Material Answers, LLC is a technical consulting firm specializing in polymer science and engineering. We have experience with thermoplastics, thermosets, blends, composites, and multicomponent formulations. Projects include manufacturing improvements, product development, product design, patents, failure analysis, and expert witness services. Applications have included automotive components, consumer products, medical devices, coatings, rubbers, construction materials, and packaging.
P.O. Box 383
Stone Harbor, NJ 08247, USA
Primary Contact: Lew Ferguson
Phone: +1 609.368.7230
Web Site: N/A
E-Mail: parisonsblowmolding@gmail.com
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Blow Molding
Brief Description: Knowledge worker in Blow Molding: processing, training, product development, materials and quality issues. Packaging and industrial customer support ranges from product design to operator training. Experience with engineering thermoplastics. 
Overview: Lew Ferguson provides product development, technical service and training services to global packaging and industrial blow molding clients in North America, Latin/South America, Europe and Asia. Clients include blow molding part manufacturers, equipment and material suppliers, designers, and end-users.

With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Lew works with both commodity and engineering thermoplastics resin applications using continuous extrusion, reciprocating screw, accumulator and injection blow molding equipment.

Customized in-house classroom and hands-on processing training topics for operators include understanding the blow molding process, machine adjustments, molds, materials, drying, regrind, quality, process optimization and process/product troubleshooting.

Business management support includes new application design and development evaluation programs, manufacturing method selection, customer deliverables, process / product troubleshooting and quality issue resolution.

Lew is an active member of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) since 1966. He is a Fellow of the Society, an Honored Service Member, currently a member of the Blow Molding Division Board of Directors, and a past chairman of the Division.

Lew has more than 40 published papers and presentations related to blow molding, impact modifiers, plastic alloys and engineering thermoplastics processing and design.

He retired from GE Plastics to establish Parisons Blow Molding in 1997, as an independent adviser to the blow molding industry. Lew earned a BA in Chemistry from Rutgers University and an MBA in Marketing from West Virginia University.

Paul Mastro LLC | Paul Mastro
Company N1ame: Paul Mastro LLC
63 Forest Drive
Palmyra, VA 22963, USA
Primary Contact: Paul Mastro
Phone: +1 501.658.1103
Web Site: N/A
E-Mail: paulfmastro@msn.com
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Injection Molding, Manufacturing Analysis, Product Design & Development, Vinyl Plastics
Brief Description: Paul Mastro, LLC provides expertise in plastics design and development, materials processing, tool design, manufacturing productivity and plant layout. Process expertise includes injection molding, extrusion, machining, and prototyping.

Overview: Paul Mastro, LLC provides expertise in plastics design and development, materials processing, tool design, manufacturing productivity and plant layout. Process expertise includes injection molding, extrusion, machining, and prototyping.

Overview: Plastics design and development support includes advice on product design, material and process selection, as well as help in the design process itself, helping customers incorporate lean principles to improve their design process and reducing their time to market. Assistance can be provided in selecting prototyping processes and in procuring prototypes if required. Material processing support includes help on identifying and correcting process issues and analyzing and improving processes. Process expertise is in injection molding, extrusion, and machining of plastics. Tool design support includes advice on how to design tools to maximize productivity and minimize costs. Support can be provided to procure tool designs and tools. Manufacturing productivity includes reviewing current equipment, processes, and tooling and developing a plan (usually a series of options) to improve outputs and quality while reducing costs. Plant layout reviews and recommended improvements to optimize flow and improve outputs can be made for existing facilities as well as proposals for additions or new facilities.

Training is provided via internet or on site in injection molding, product design process and product design.

Pete Walters Innovation | Pete Walters
Company Name: Pete Walters Innovation
247 W. Lincoln Ave.
Barrington, IL 60010, USA
Primary Contact: Pete Walters
Phone: +1 847.521.8445
Web Site: http://www.petewaltersinnovation.com
E-Mail: pete@petewaltersinnovation.com
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Injection Molding, Materials Application & Development, Product Design & Development, Project Management
Brief Description: PWI can provide innovation services from idea to production including concepts, CAD & project management. Although many products can be done, PWI’s specialty is in packaging especially dispensing systems.

Overview: PWI can provide the following services:

  • Patentable ideas
  • Design strategy, critique & thinking
  • Concepts and sketching
  • Creative and analytical needs
  • CAD generation and drawings
  • Patent searches
  • Injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, and film laminate designs with manufacturing and function in mind
  • Product engineering
  • Plastics material and processing expert
  • Mentor and trainer
  • Closure, bottle, dispenser, packaging, and small mechanism designs
  • Design for hand-assembly or high-volume, high-speed assembly
  • Test protocol and validation
  • FMEA, Problem Analysis, and Decision Analysis
  • Plastic material selection
  • Cost analysis and financial justification
  • Training and mentoring
Polymetrics LLC | Tom Haas
Company Name: Polymetrics LLC
13706 Nuttree Woods Court
Midlothian, VA 23112, USA
Primary Contact: Tom Haas
Phone: +1 804.245.4365
Web Site: N/A
E-Mail: thaas@vcu.edu
Regions Serviced: Northeast USA, Southeast USA
Specialties: Education & Training, Expert Witness Services, Failure Analysis & Prevention, Patents
Brief Description: Physical/mechanical testing including DMTA, DSC, TGA, SEM, plastic part design/failure analysis, product evaluation/testing, injection molding, manufacturing problem solving, patent infringement, consultant and expert witness
Overview: Dr. Thomas W. Haas received a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering from SUNY Buffalo, a M.S. degree in engineering mechanics from the Pennsylvania State University and a M.A. and Ph.D. degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Science from Princeton University in the Polymer Materials Program. His thesis advisor at Princeton was Professor Bryce Maxwell.

Dr. Haas joined Virginia Commonwealth University in 1983 as Professor and Director of the Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program, a consortium of Virginia engineering schools leading to a master’s degree in engineering delivered by interactive television from the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, George Mason University and Old Dominion University. He also served as Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs of the new School of Engineering at VCU from 1995 to 1999.

Dr.Haas is also a Past President (1982-83) of the Society of Plastic Engineers. Prior to assuming the post of Society President, he was also a member of the SPE Executive Committee and was Secretary, Second Vice President, and President Elect. He also served for 10 years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) representing the Society of Plastic Engineers.

In addition to being a Distinguished Member of SPE, he is a Fellow of the Plastics and Rubber Institute (now the Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining in the U.K.) and a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS), the Society of Rheology (SOR), and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), having served as the 2000-2001 Chair of the Central Virginia ASME Section. He is currently a past chair and Executive Director of the Richmond Joint Engineers’ Council (RJEC). RJEC is an umbrella organization encompassing professional engineering societies in the greater Richmond area.

Dr. Haas has also been elected Fellow of the Virginia Academy of Science (VAS), having served as both Secretary and Chair of the Engineering Section. He was elected President Elect of the Academy and became the 77th President at the 1998 Annual Meeting. VAS is the fifth largest science academy in the nation.

Dr. Haas recently acted as an expert for the defendant, Reynolds Consumer Products, in a suit dealing with their alleged patent infringement of a patent for a nylon plastic liner used in slow cookers. He prepared reports on patent invalidity and non-infringement and subsequently was deposed in New York City by plaintiff’s attorneys. The case went to trial in Judge Rodney Gilstrap’s court in the Federal District of East Texas (Marshal Division). During the three day trial, Dr. Haas gave testimony as the technical expert for Reynolds. After about an hour of deliberation, the Texas jury found in favor of Reynolds Consumer Product in that there was no patent infringement. The lead attorneys for plaintiff were Scott Bornstein and Allan Kassenoff, Greenberg Traurig, New York City

Premier Polymer & Processing Consulting Inc. | Elvira (Ella) Rabinovitch
Company Name: Premier Polymer & Processing Consulting Inc.
1345 Turnbridge Trail
Algonquin, IL 60102, USA
Primary Contact: Elvira (Ella) Rabinovitch
Phone: +1 847.658.1905
Web Site: http:///www.p3consultants.com
E-Mail: ella.rabinovitch@sbcglobal.net
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Compounding, Extrusion, Formulation, Vinyl Plastics
Brief Description: Consult in siding, fencing, decking, window, custom profile, film, sheet industries, including compoind formulation, extrusion process, cost reduction, field failures, weatherability, act as expert technical witness, provide technical training.

Overview: Ella Rabinovitch is globally recognized expert and industry leader on polyvinyl chloride with 37+ years of experience and outstanding record of achievement in Research & Development of vinyl polymers. She worked for BF Goodrich / Geon / PolyOne (same company) for 27 years. During her career she conducted basic research on PVC, developed new compounds, worked with customers to launch new products, worked with manufacturing to establish quality control and product specifications, worked closely with raw material suppliers evaluating and approving additives for use in PVC, worked with the industry organizations to establish industry standards. She started her career as an engineer, but she was frequently promoted and  become the first female Senior R&D Fellow in the company’s history. She developed expertise on formulating vinyl compounds and vinyl color concentrates, compounding, processing, weatherability, dimensional stability, long term properties, new product development and launch, performance testing, quality control, industry standards, technical selling, writing and public speaking. She published over 65 technical papers on polyvinyl chloride, received unprecedented 8 best technical paper awards from the SPE Vinyl Division, is the first female Fellow Member in 61 year history of SPE, received SPE Award for technical contribution to vinyl industry. She was a chairman of technical committees at Vinyl Window & Door Institute of the Society of Plastics Industry, Vinyl Siding Institute and American Architectural Manufacturers Association from 1976 up to 2003. She developed and worked with the industry on most of the test methods and performance standards used by the vinyl window, decking, fencing and siding industry today. She issued 6 patents on PVC. She conducted numerous seminars and developed and conducted training programs on PVC. She is presently Vice President of Premier Polymer & Processing Consulting Inc. She successfully provides technical consulting on PVC to national and international clients in Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. List of her services includes rigid and flexible PVC formulating, composites technology, foamed compound formulations, color concentrate technology, cost reduction, compounding process development, extrusion processing, productivity improvements, extrusion and product performance problem investigation and solving, technical training on PVC extrusion, weathering, testing; acting as an expert technical witness in legal cases. Examples of accomplishments:

  • Developed numerous PVC extrusion powder and pellet rigid and flexible compounds for various applications, including vinyl siding, windows, fencing, decking, custom profile weather-stripping, pondliners, films, sheet, etc.
  • Developed expertise on PVC processing morphology resulting in many publications and ability to solve customer’s problems, optimize compounding, extrusion and co-extrusion process.
  • Developed expertise on PVC degradation, stabilization, weathering, lubrication, impact modification, reinforcement, which resulted in many technical publications, issuance of patents and most importantly ability to formulate for best performance at the lowest cost.
  • Developed expertise on dimensional stability of the exterior application products, resulting in development of composites with superior field performance in these applications and technical publications.
  • Conducted plant audits, identifying areas for improvement and problem solving. Increased extrusion plant productivity by 40-50%, improved product quality, reduced compound cost realizing $1.5MM/year cost savings without sacrifice in performance.
  • Acted as an expert technical witness in legal cases, resulting in client’s win.
  • Trained numerous technical personnel, including engineers, plant supervisors, operators, etc
Probst Plastics Consulting, LLC | Ed Probst
Company Name: Probst Plastics Consulting, LLC
PO Box 26365
Wauwatosa, WI 53226, USA
Primary Contact: Ed Probst
Phone: +1 414.476.3096
Web Site: N/A
E-Mail: ed.probst@probstplastics.com
Regions Serviced: Global
Specialties: Education & Training, Expert Witness Services, Product Design & Development, Thermoforming
Brief Description: A consultancy that specializes in all aspects of thermoforming
Overview: Probst Plastics Consulting brings 28 years of custom plastics experience to the table. Leveraging our success in being a key contributor to the growth of Profile Plastics, a worldwide leader and innovator in heavy gauge custom thermoforming, we are able to assist you in finding opportunities for growth and profitability. We focus our service in several key areas. Design is recognized as the primary component in the success of any new product. It also dictates how the components will be manufactured. We assist in design review for manufacturability in all the primary plastics processes along with narrowing the search for materials, analyzing tooling options, new tool project management and tooling transfer programs. We also offer training seminars in how to design for thermoforming and all its variations. Proper job shop sales management keeps your backlog filled in the near and long term. We provide analysis of your current base of business along with a review of your of manufacturing capabilities to check for the proper fit and any missed market opportunities. Along with this we provide job shop focused mentoring for senior level managers and coaching for inside and outside sales associates. In addition we bring 15 years of CRM experience and assess and assist your sales team with any sales software investments and implementation. At the core of our consulting is a passion for product design, manufacturing, and sales strategies that when applied with rigor and integrity make your organization more profitable.

For more information, please contact:

Customer Relations
+1 203.775.0471 / customerrelations@4spe.org